Christy has met Demi Lovato

Today on the blog, Christy tells us about her encounter with Demi Lovato

I've met Demi three times. The first time was at DC Games at her hotel. I saw her & asked for a photo but her security guard said she had to go to bed already so she couldn't. Demi was really sweet & apologized. 

The second time was when she was opening up for the Jonas Brothers. The first 200 (not sure on the number) fans to pre-order her CD at her merch table got a pass to meet her after the show. I heard about this a week before the show and  made her a birthday card (it was a week before my show) in a guitar shape (it was pretty awesome-looking). I gave it to her & took a photo. It was really quick & years ago so I dont remember much of that night.

Demi Lovato and me

The third time was last July. I found out she was coming to Miami to record for Unbroken. My friend told me where she was staying so I got there at 9am since I wouldnt know what time she would be leaving to the studio. 

Demi Lovato and me

I waited all day until 9pm when she finally walked out and my friend & a couple of new friends all met her, got photos and autographs, as well as Demi tweeting out a photo of all of us together with her saying she loves her lovatics. It was perfect."

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T. has met Darren Criss (Glee)

Today on the blog, T. tells us how she met Darren Criss, Blaine in Glee.


The picture was from a party after the Los Angeles Glee Tour show in May 2011. 

Darren Criss and me

I was a guest of Brad Falchuk's. Darren was nice, but I was with an Italian friend of mine, and he was more interested in practicing his Italian with my friend than anything else ;) "

Thanks a lot for that story

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Jason has met Lady Gaga

Today Jason tells us his encounter with Lady Gaga


It was March 19th 2009. My husband (Guy) and I worked at Odyssey night club here in Vancouver BC Canada. I had the night off but Guy had to manage the club till 4am. I was home when out of the blue Guy called and said "Lady Gaga was coming into the club". Her manager called him ahead of time to make sure the club could set up a secure spot for her visit. To be really honest, I didn't know who she was then. Guy reminded me of her song, Just Dance. By the time I cleaned off all the paint and drove over she was already at the club.

My husband met me at the club's back door and walked me over to the area they blocked off for Gaga. I got to meet her bouncer first and he was really cool. Guy already met Gaga earlier so he introduced me as his better half..

She was so nice and even posed for some pictures.

Lady Gaga and me

We talked for a wile about the weather being so shitty here in Van and then she asked where the bathroom was. I remember saying "it would be best if I took you upstairs to use the office bathroom. This way you can pee in privet". We both laughed. Her bouncer helped her to the office stairs where Guy unlocked the door.

After she was done doing her thing wink, wink, we had a little more time to chat. It was much quieter upstairs near the office bathroom, so we could actually here what each other was saying. 

My husband went downstairs and got us all drinks on the house. I remember thinking how nice it was just hanging out chatting and having a drink with someone new. My husband and I told her about our upcoming honeymoon cruise. That's when she asked about gay marriage being legal in Canada. So we chatted briefly about where we were going on our trip. We told her we were hitting 5 different countries on the cruise and ending our trip in London.

That was about it really. The club got super busy by this time and the music was kicking. We all went back downstairs and her bodyguard carried her over to the stripper pole. It was so funny watching her up on the pole platform spinning around and dancing. I'm sure she was a little drunk but held herself together very well."

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Karoline has met Justin Bieber

Today, Karolina tells us how she met Justin Bieber 5 times


My name is Karolina, I’m 21 years old and I live in Warsaw, Poland. 

I met Justin Bieber 5 times in 3 days. I am a perfect example of person who was attached to Justin after watching “NEVER SAY NEVER” so much, that I tattooed the famous words ‘Never Say Never’ to the inside my left arm. 

Everything started 9 months ago (I’m not a belieber who has been supporting Justin from the beginning) but honestly a devoted/true belieber! My story is a little bit different. I hope that you remember Justin’s shirt he wore in California, “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS.” 

It was May 25th, the best day of my life because about 2 weeks before he showed up, I had sent him a package with two DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS t-shirts (one for him, one for Selena) and the sweatshirt inside from my own young brand LOCAL HEROES. Can you imagine the feeling when Justin wore a gift you gave him. It was the day when craziness had started.

I still can’t believe it! Basically it’s not over yet. Almost one week after this, I was on a plane to Madrid to meet Justin in person. I had to tell him personally that I’m the girl from “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS.” 


I landed in Madrid on June 3rd, 2 days before confirmed meeting by Team Bieber. Honestly I was scared that it was first time in Madrid, all around the Spanish language and poor me alone. At the front of his hotel, I met amazing beliebers. Finally I met Justin Bieber for my first ever time! Everybody started to run by the black posh car inside an underground parking lot. Everybody knew that it was Justin. The gate has been closed and we started to shout his name. It worked. I SAW JUSTIN BIEBER! He came with his big beautiful smile, amazing energy like holy Jesus. He was with Moshe of course and Alfredo with his video camera. It was only seconds but one of the best of my life. After this I was waiting in front of the hotel until 2 a.m. but he didn’t appear, only Kenny Hamilton, Dan Kanter and Scrappy. 

Justin Bieber and me

The next day started for me at 8 a.m. We were waiting in line by the front of the hotel for about 8 hours, in hot sunny weather to see Justin again. Everything for our idol. I cried so much that day because some beliebers broke the rules and Justin had to be escorted by the police since it was dangerous. Again, it was only seconds. That day Justin also performed on a Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero.” We got a taxi and went to the studio. The thought that Justin was on air, inside the building and we were watching the show outside, was more insane.During the show, he showed up at the window to wave and sing “Boyfriend,” along with the fans outside. It was the best moment because I truly felt like we are a BIG BELIEBER FAMILY. 

The next day was the day when I personally met Justin, his father, little Jazmyn and the whole team. I couldn’t imagine a better day in my life. The meeting was scheduled at 1:03 p.m. I was outside the Hotel Ritz one hour before. I looked like one of the beliebers waiting in front of the hotel but not really. I was wearing the same “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS” tee as Justin got it from me. It was the only wait to be remembered. 

At 12:40 p.m., the lady from Spanish Universal came down to get me and this was the moment when my heart started beating so loud. (I’m so happy that I didn’t pass out while waiting in front of his door.) Suddenly the door opened. I saw little cute barefoot Jazmyn whispering something to Jeremy with her sweet childish voice. Awwwww! I really wanted to take a pic but it wasn’t not allowed. I was there as a fan and journalist, so I had to be professional…

Yeah, right. At 1:03 p.m, the door opened again. Finally, it was Kenny with his friendly smile. I introduced myself, he also and we got inside. Justin was not in the room, only a lot of professional lights and a camera. Kenny started talking about the rules of interview, but I told him the reason why I was there. At that moment I turned my head and I saw Justin. Oh GOD! It was the most amazing view, feeling and everything. I couldn’t breathe. Kenny asked him, “Does it look similar? ” He pointed my t-shirt. Justin smiled charmingly and said, “Yes, you sent it to meeeee!” and hugged me tight. 

I was in heaven. It was like I was day dreaming. He signed my t-shirt that I was wearing. I remember only half of the meeting because I was still shaking. Justin tried to calm me down by hugging me, but it was impossible. I met my IDOL so how could I be calm? Accidentally, I almost kissed his neck. He smells so good, like a fresh confident man but little bit like a cute boy. We had a small talk because I had only 2 minutes, but it was the best of my entire life. 

One of the biggest surprises was that he wants more stuff from my brand! In my head was a big chaos. Then time was up! I left Kenny my Twitter and 15 minutes later, he followed me! Outside the hotel was still the small group of fans. When I saw them, I totally cried. Everybody hugged me. Thank you guys for your support. 

The fifth time when I met Justin was about one hour after meeting him in the building. I knew that it was my last chance to see him so I was waiting until he came out, it was also my last day in Spain. Suddenly, team Bieber appeared in the lobby. It was a really nice feeling when Kenny asked me why I was still there, he remembered me! 

The last insane thing is, that when Justin saw me in my tee, he surely knew what he packed from LA to Europe. A couple days after our meeting, he showed up in me “DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS” sweatshirt in BERLIN. I just wanna say thank all beliebers I met in Madrid, to the helpful people in Poland who gave me a possibility to meet Justin Bieber and of course JUSTIN BIEBER and the team. You made my life complete!Beliebers remember to follow your dreams, DOING REAL STUFF SUCKS and NEVER SAY NEVER."

Thanks a lot Karolina for that great story. If you want to see those clothes Justin liked so much, follow @localxheroes and Karolina

To read a lot of encounters with Justin, you can visit My Bieber Experience Tumblr

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Rick has met David Tennant

Today, Rick tells us how he met David Tennant, the Doctor Who actor

David Tennant and me
Thanks to my work, I have had the opportunity to meet and interview David Tennant, in 2009. He is really a very nice guy. After the interview, I made him sign a card for my friend Jessica and he kindly agreed to do, we then pose for a picture.

David Tennant, the card and me

It was really cool to meet him and it stays a very nice memory"

Thanks a lot for that story.

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Dizzy has met Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship)

Dizzy tell us about her encounter with Gabe Saporta, from Cobra Starship.


I can't remember specific dates anymore but my friend was able to go to the Honda Civic Tour in Louisiana and she had Gabe talk to me on the phone and take the picture where he's holding the "I love Deidre" sign. 

Gabe Saporta and me

Then the next fall, because I was in the Cobra Starship fanclub...I was able to meet and greet with them before their show in Idaho. Although I had already met every member of the band, this was the first time actually meeting Gabe in person. He was very very sweet and super funny. He really loves to have a real conversation with his fans. When I introduced myself he recognized me from the good ol days on Myspace because I used to write him a lot, also on his emails we used to write back and forth sometimes (as he did with the fans that knew how to email him, although it wasn't hard to figure out). 

Gabe and me again

I had to remind him about the phone call but as you can see in the sign picture, he's holding a bottle of liquor so he didn't remember it well lol. I asked for a picture and we took a few. He was very very nice and every time I've met him since, he's always remembered me which I think is pretty cool. He's definitely one of the nicest and most humble dudes out there. He will never unappreciative of where he's at and that's very admirable."

Thanks a lot for that story.

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Jennifer has met Matthew Morrison and Kelli O'Hara

Today on the blog, Jennifer tells us how she met Matthew Morrison


In high school I was a huge fan of musicals. After I graduated, my mom and I took a trip to New York to go see some shows.

We got tickets to Wicked, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and (my favorite) Light in the Piazza. After each show we'd try to see who we could meet outside the stage door. Most of the actors were in a hurry, so we were just able to get a few autographs for the most part. 

When we went to go see Light in the Piazza, it was still a pretty new show. There was buzz, but it wasn't popular on the level of Wicked and hadn't gotten any Tonys (yet). It was just as beautiful as I imagined it would be listening to the cast recording. 

Matthew Morrison and me

Afterward, we went to the stage door and there were only three other people there. When Vicki Clarke, Kelli O'Hara, and Matthew Morrison all came out, they seem genuinely shocked that any of us were back there at all. 

Kelli O'Hara and me

We all got autographs and pictures with them and they were all super sweet. Random tidbit: Matthew Morrison rode away on a Razor scooter."

Thanks a lot for that great story 

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Sarah has met Kristen Stewart

Today, Sarah tells us how she met Kristen Stewart for the second time


Kristen and me again

La deuxième fois je passais par hasard devant l’hôtel (elle était censé être parti) mais j’ai vu la voiture alors j’ai attendu 5 min puis elle est sorti et à posé avec moi et mon amie :). Elle était adorable avec nous :). Les autres fois c’était pareil elle posait de temps en temps mais pas souvent :s. Mais je n’ai plus poser avec elle ne voulant pas abusé :). "

Thanks a lot.                                   

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Rick has met Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Dr Who)

Today, Rick tells us how he met the Doctor Who actors, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.


Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and me

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, the new "Doctor Who" duo, take time for a photo w/ me! I had not really time to talk to them but it was nice to see them anyway"

Thanks a lot for that story.

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Leo has met Orlando Bloom

Today on the blog, Leo tells us how she met Orlando Bloom, of the pirates of the caribean.


Orlando Bloom and me

I was at the sundance film festival when I had the chance to meet lots of celebrities, Orlando Bloom being one of the nicest, he was really about interacting with people, but the guards not so much. I had to fight a guard to get that shot. check out my other pictures and let me know what you need to know to post it."

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Terri has met Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time)

Today, on the blog, Terri tells us how she met Ginnifer Goodwin


I met Ginnifer Goodwin on one of their last days of shooting, I wasn’t sure if I could even get a photo or talk to her because there were a lot of fans there. After their filming, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas approached the crowd . I was shy actually but I managed to get close enough to Ginnifer to ask if I could have a photo with her. She was really sweet and said sure. 

Ginnifer Goodwin and me

I didn’t get to talk to her as so many people were there, and her bodyguard was watching very closely. I wanted a photo with Josh, but didn’t get one as shyness overcame me, I hope I can go watch the filming again so I can get a photo."

Thanks a lot Terri

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Jen has met Yoann Gourcuff

Today, Clara tells us about her meeting with Yoann Gourcuff.


I have been a huge fan of Yoann as a football player but also as a man since he played  in the Bordeaux team. I was really sad because I could only see him in my television. When I heard he came to the Lyon team, I was so happy, I knew that my dream would come true : meeting Yoann Gourcuff. As I was working, I had to wait a little bit before I could see him. But I finally had the opportunity to see him when he did an autographs signing session at the club. I was so happy, I couldn't wait. I have ad to wait a while because there were so many people. when it was finally my turn, I have asked him to sign my OL shirt. I took a lot of pictures, even if I didn't had much time. After that I have been interviewed by OL TV.

He is even more beautiful in real life and as I had been told, shy but nice.

Some days later, I went to see him at the training ground and when he left, I asked him to stop his car. He signed me an other autograph and I took some pictures again.

Yoann Gourcuff

I was so scared I couldn't talk or do anything, this time, I was the shy one. I went back some times since that day. And even if he is really shy at the beginning, the more you know him, the talkative he is. He is really down to hearth and laugh a lot. He takes a lot of time for his fan and everytime, he makes us very happy. I want to thank him for that. "

Well, thank you Clara for that story.

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Sarah has met Dianna Agron (Glee)

Today Sarah tells us how she met Dianna Agron, the Glee actress


Dianna Agron and me

I met Dianna Agron during the Fashion week, at Louis Vitton. Before going inside she was posing with Fans. We have funny faces because my friends had a hard time taking the picture and was making weird faces. It made Dianna laugh a lot."

Thanks a  lot for that story.

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Mauro has met Dania Ramirez (Heroes)

Today on the blog, Mauro tells us how he met Dania Ramirez, the Heroes actress.


Dania Ramirez and me

I met her on September 6 in New York at the Fashion's Night Out! In Valentino  store's private party, where I was invited by a friend, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea who was one of the hosts of the evening.

I went up to talk to her because I loved how she was dressed and her look. I didn't know who she was, we started talking and after 15 minutes she said that she was an actress and that she had made several TV shows.

At one point, She told me she was Maya Herrera, a character from the series "Heroes" (of which I am a big fan). When she said that, I was so excited! I could have cried.

It's a lovely woman, and it was very nice to meet her."

Thanks a lot for that story Mauro

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Rick has met Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)

Today, Rick tells us how he met Ryan Kwanten, the True Blood actor actor


Ryan Kwanten and me
"True Blood" actor Ryan Kwanten dropped by the place I work today, so I had to snag a photo with him!

It wasn't long but he is really nice and available"

Thanks a lot for that picture and story

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Lillo has met Robert Pattinson (Twilight)

Today, Lillo tells us how he met Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson. 


I have had the chance to meet Robert Pattinson in Italy. I waited for him outside the Hotel. There were a lot of fans, it was cold, he looked exhausted and he probably couldn't wait to go back to his room but he nicely stop to take pictures with everyone, signed autograph and talked a little bit.

He's a real gentleman"

Thanks a lot for that story. 

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Duam has met David Tennant (Dr Who)

Today, Duam tells us how she has met David Tennant (Dr Who)


David Tennant and me

I met him at the backstage of the Wyndham Theatre in London (july 2011). He played Benedick in "Much Ado About Nothing" with Catherine Tate.

It was very quick because there were hundreds of fans who wanted an autograph or a photo. I got both. :D

I haven't realised immediately I've met him !! It took several minutes ^^It was a dream !!"

Thanks a lot for that story. You can visit Duam's forum about David Tennant

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Sarah has met Cory Monteith (Glee)

Today on the blog Sarah tells us about her encounter with Glee actor, Cory Monteith


I met Cory  3 years ago in France, at Lyon station in Paris. He was filming a scene of "Monte Carlo. He was really nice and took pictures with a lot of fans. Unfortunately there were way too many people to talk to him but at least I have a picture with him"                                      

Thanks a  lot for that story.

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Christy has met The Jonas Brothers (2)

Today, Christy tell us about another encounter with The Jonas Brothers


Kevin Jonas and me

I met Nick & Kevin at their hotel while they were in Miami for a charity golf event. I met Kevin the first night when he was headed to the casino with Danielle. He posed for photos with everyone and was very nice to us.

The night before golfing, they had a party at a club at the hotel. I met Nick on his way to the party. 

Nick Jonas and me

I was all dolled up in a dress (to see if I can get into the party afterward, which failed) & Nick just stared at me with a small smile. I asked for a photo & after a second or two, he nodded & posed. I said thanks, and he was on his way."

Thanks Christy. To see al of Christy's encounters. you can follow her on Twitter , Intagram or Tumblr

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Amina has met One Direction

Today on the blog, Amina tells us how she met one direction


One Direction and us

During One Direction English tour in 2011/2012, Purefans had organised a contest to go and see the group Live. I didn't think I had a chance but still tried, just in case.

In January 2012, I saw the results and I had lost. But some days later, a miraculous phone call changed my life. I was a replacement for the winner who couldn't come. The lost hope came back in seconds. Some days later, i received all the information and realized that I was going to meet them.

On January 11th 2012, it's finally the big Day. I take the Eurostar to London with my mum. After a brief trip to the hotel, we went to the Apollo Hammersmith Concert Hall.

The moment to meet them is coming. There are a lot of directioners, and another French girl who won another contest. I was stressed of course, but it's really naturally that I went to Niall and say Hi.I hug him and kissed him (on the cheeks ;) ), then she says hi to Harry, Zayn, and Liam who says "Hi, I'm Liam, nice to meet you"

They have looked and signed my Fanbook, signed my T'shirt

Then it was time for the pictures. First it was Niall with the Irish T-Shirt

Niall Horan

Then Liam and his Teddy Bear's Face, so cute.

Liam Payne and me
Harry and his curls

Harry Styles and me

Boobear and his amazing smile

Louis Tomlison and me

And finally a picture with Zayn Malik. Harry took the picture and it seem like it's not his thing ;)

Zayn Malik and me

I came home with lots of dreams and stars in the eyes"

Thanks a lot for that story. To see the whole story/pictures, you can see the video Amina made of that day.


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Sarah has met Kristen Stewart (Twilight)

Today, Sarah tells us how she met Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart and me

I met Kristen 6 times.

The first time was in Paris, last March, during the fashion Week. She had make up from a shooting and was coming back to her hotel. She came downstairs to see her fans who were waiting in front of the hotel.

She posed with 2 fans, one of them was me :) . Then she signed autographs."

Thanks a lot. For more you can see Sarah's video about that day                                           

For all the latest news About Rob or Kristen, you can follow AmazedByRobsten on Twitter

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Rick has met Brandon Routh (Superman)

Today on the blog, Rick tells us how he met Brandon Routh, Superman.


Brandon Routh and me

Brandon Routh dropped by my workplace for an interview, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to get a photo with Superman/Todd Ingram/Dylan Dog.

I mean, wouldn’t you?"

Thanks a lot for that story.

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Mauro has met Daren Criss (Glee)

Today on the blog, Mauro tells us about his encounter with Darren Criss, Blaine in Glee.


Darren Criss and me

I have met Darenn Criss in New York, last September, during the Fashion's Night Out. he was at Saks Shop on Fifth Avenue. He was the most important celebrity. He was also the center of attention of the  Fashion´s Nigth  organised by Vogue New York.

He was signing autographs with Anna Wintour. I arrived late and there were already too many people. There were a lot of teenagers queuing to see him so I couldn't go. So, I have wait for an hour and I saw him enter. When he had finished he went out by the emergency door. 

He was kind enough to take a picture with me. he is such a nice guy, smiling and handsome. I was so nervous because I am a huge fan of Glee and above all of the Kurt/Blaine couple. 

It was an incredible experience!!! And it's always amazing to see the show on your TV and one day you meet one of the actor."

Thanks a lot for that Story Mauro.

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Randy has met Will Ferrell

Today, Randy tells us how he met Will Ferrell

" Hello,

Will Ferrell and me

The meeting came around thanks to and

After winning a competition on the site I was flown out to San Diego for 5 days and a few days into the trip I was taken to the event he was hosting where I got to meet with him. 

He was a lovely guy who was easy to talk to. We joked and laughed, he was actually taking time out to help the cancer for college charity so he is an all round nice guy

This was the tee that got me there "

Thanks a lot for that story. You can visit Randy website or follow him on Twitter

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Ehud has met Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey


Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and me

I came out of a movie in a New York theater back in 2004. I saw Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch. I came to them and told them I don't want to bother them, but I would love a picture, and I was an SNL fan.

They said yes and were really nice about it. I handed the camera to another woman and asked her to take the picture. She asked if it's just point and shoot, and took the picture.

As I was taking the camera and walking away I realized that it was Tina Fey who took the picture. By that point I was to embarrassed to walk back in and ask for another picture."

thanks a lot for that funny story; For more you can visit Ehud website or folllow him on Twitter

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Christy has met Miley Cyrus (3)

Today, Christy tell us about her encounter with Miley Cyrus for the third time


Miley Cyrus, her puppy and me

This summer I met her at her hotel down at Miami Beach while she was here recording music for her upcoming album. I got out of work around 8pm, got to the hotel about 9/9:30pm & waited with my best friend for her to arrive from the studio. She rolled up at 11pm & we went up to her & asked for photos. She was so nice & stayed to take photos."

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Christy has met David Tennant (Dr Who)

Today on the blog, Christy tells us about her encounter with Christy has met David Tennant, the Dr Who's actor.


David Tennant and me

I was working as a runner on the film "Decoy Bride' back in 2010 in the Isle of Man. We'd been filming for 2 weeks and I had met David along with Alice Eve, Kelly MacDonald and Michael Urie many times over the 2 weeks, even got to drink with them after filming on many nights!

They're all lovely and would often come into the production office for a chat, and I got to spend quite a bit of time on set. 

On the last day when most of the cast and crew had left the island, I was down on the beach with the left over crew doing some final shots, and David had a last shot to do on the pier. A big fan of Dr Who from the island who had been following David's movements on the island was getting a photo and autograph and I thought it would be my last opportunity to get one even though crew don't normally get photos with the cast!! 

But one of the drivers had his DSLR with him and said he would take the photo for me (thanks Warren!). So I got a photo before he headed off. He said thanks for everything over the couple of weeks which was nice! He really is a lovely guy, and the film is great too! You can see my name in the credits..."

Thanks a lot Christy for that story

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Traci has met Peter Facinelli (Twilight)

Today, Traci tells us about her encounter with Peter Facinelli, the Twilight actor


Peter Facinelli and me

I met him in Cleveland, Ohio where he was taking pictures and signing autographs to raise money for Alex's Lemonade stand which raises money to fight childhood cancer. He was very sweet and spent several minutes with each person. I have to say that he's so cute in person! Though I was in town when he was, I live nearly two hours away. My family had to make it home for a sporting event so I ended up buying a bus ticket and took the Greyhound home!"

Thanks a lot Traci

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Christy has met Joe Jonas

Today, Christy tell us about another encounter with Joe Jonas


Joe Jonas and me

I met Joe at his hotel this March. He was down here for the Victoria's Secret Pool Party on the beach. My friend worked at the hotel & she gave me a heads up. I got the hotel around 2pm and went out to the pool because I heard thats where he was at. 

My mom noticed him in the pool with his friend but I didnt go to him yet. I just stayed at my little cabana chair and waited. He got out of the pool and headed to his private cabana & while on the way looked in my direction, so I glanced & caught him just staring at me the entire way over to his cabana. 

I gave a small smile & went about doing nonsense on my iphone. I went to the lobby when I realized he was getting ready to leave so I could get a photo before he got into the elevator. While waiting, I saw Chris Bosh (Miami Heat) and got a photo with Brandi (star of Moesha a long time ago). 

Brandi and me

He finally got to the lobby & I asked for a photo. He said "Yeah, of course." My mom took the photo & he stayed around to make sure the photo turned out okay. I told him how much of a fan I am & how I cant wait to hear new music. He thanked me, said goodbye and we went our own ways."

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Marine has met Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene (twilight)

Today Marine tells us about her encounter with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene, the actors of Twilight.


Robert Pattinson and me
On 22th of October 2011, with one of my friend, we go to Paris. There, we meet a Belgian friend we met at the premiere of "Water for Elephants"

The next day, we had put the alarm on 3 am, as we feared that there would be too many people in front of the cinema.

We arrived at the Gaumont cinema around 4.30 after having walk from the hotel and having lost our way. There was only about 15 people already there. They were there until the day before to wait, in the cold! We have been waiting there for hours, until 6 pm, when finally, Rob arrived! Ashley is there too. This time again, people are pushing us to be closer from him, it was crazy, I couldn't move and they were not even there. After some interviews and pictures for the press during the photocall, they finally come to us to sign some autographs. They are doing it really fast and Rob arrived in front of me. My friends and I can't take it anymore, people are pushing, we are stuck against the security fence, our feet are not touching the floor, it was just crazy!

When Rob is just next to me, I ask him  « Rob, Can I take a picture with you please? ». he then told me «Sure, Of course! » with a big smile.

I have finally it, my first picture with Robert Pattinson. He was going to leave when the guy behind me asked him for a picture. So Robert leaned on me to be on the picture with the guy. That was great! After that he left.

Ashley arrived at that moment. She is really stunning, with sparkly eyes. She signed me an autograph, but i hadn't time to take a picture. After that they have done one last photocall and entered in the theater"

Thanks Marine for that story.

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Jennifer has mer has met Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter)

Today, Jennifer tells us about her encounter with Jennifer Carpenter, of Dexter.


Jennifer Carpenter and us

My dad is friends with one of the directors of "Dexter" and "True Blood". He's a really cool guy and we've been to the set of "Dexter" twice. This last time (August 2012) when we got there he said

"How would you like to be in a scene?"

WOW! We were so excited and we got to film a scene at a beach front cafe. Our episode called "Argentina" will air on Showtime November 18th. We met several cast members, but our dad had us on a "speak only if spoken to" rule because they were working and they are serious about their job. We were speaking with David Zayas (who plays "Angel Batista") because he had said "Hello" first, and Ms. Carpenter joined in the conversation, talking about the show and police forensics, her character Deb Morgan's penchant for swearing, and about her movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (which we love).

We asked our father if we could ask her for a picture and he said okay. My sister Kelly said "Ms. Carpenter, could we..." and she said "Sure" before we could even finish asking. She was very sweet to us, as was the whole cast and crew. "Dexter" is our favorite show!"

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Erin has met Lady Gaga

Today, Erin tells us about her encounter with Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga and me

Well, a couple years back I won a radio contest to get tickets to see her perform and to meet her backstage. This was right when her first album came out, so she wasn't as huge at the time. When it was time to meet her, she complimented my tattoos and signed her head shot for me. She was very sweet but her management didn't give her a lot of time to mingle with folks. I was able to pose with her to get a picture, give her a hug and then left. I was so thankful that she set the time aside to meet her fans!"

Thanks a lot for the story. 

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Sarah has met Once upon a time cast

Today on the blog, Sarah tells us how she Met Once Upon a time cast


Lee Arenberg and me

I became obsessed with the show 'Once Upon A Time' after watching the first episode because the show is from the writers of 'LOST' (My all time favourite show). Anyway, I was hooked right from the beginning. I didn't even realize it filmed in my area until a few episodes in after recognizing some locations on the show and looking it up! I visited the set for the first time about halfway through Season 1. Just being there is amazing-it's like you get to step right into the show! Visiting the set became even better once we realized how welcoming the cast and crew is and how much they love to show their appreciation to the fans that support the show.

The first cast member I met was Lana Parrilla and have seen her many times since!

Lana Parilla and me

She is such an amazing person, always showing her love for the fans by taking time to talk to us and give hugs. I met Josh Dallas Shortly after I met Lana. He too is amazing towards the fans. Prince Charming totally suits him!

Josh Dallas and me

Another cast member that always makes an effort to greet fans in Robert Carlyle. I am a HUGE fan of his work, and he's just such a great guy to everyone. Those three are always going above and beyond for the fans, though pretty much all the cast members are great about taking photos and signing autographs!

Robert Carlyle and me

Some of my other favourite cast members that I have met are Ginnifer Goodwin- I have been a fan of her work for a long time! She's super sweet.

Ginnifer Goodwin and me

Eion Bailey Is a great guy, too! He talked with us for what felt like forever!

One of my personal favourites is Lee Arenberg. He played Pintel on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies which are a family favourite in my house. Lee is such an awesome guy, always taking time to chat with the fans! I also got to meet Alan Dale who played one of my favourite characters Charles Widmore on my favourite show LOST. Meeting him was totally a highlight to my summer! He's such an amazing actor. Some of the other cast members that I have had the pleasure of meeting include Raphael Sbarge, David Anders, Meghan Ory, Jared Gilmore, Michael Coleman, Beverley Elliott, Gabe Khouth, the show's creators Eddie and Adam as well as a few that I'm probably forgetting!

Meghan Ory and me

As long as we are respectful on the set and do what we are told, the cast and crew dosen't mind us hanging around on the set. They really make us feel at home. I love watching them film scenes and hope to complete my photo/autograph collections soon with the cast members I'm missing!"

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